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Image of Chile Rellenos.

Chile Rellenos

We are extremely proud of our Chile Rellenos, and you'll be equally proud to serve them. While many food manufacturers to use Poblano peppers — which become bitter when frozen and reheated — we use only Anaheim peppers in our Chile Rellenos. The Anaheims retain their smooth, mild flavor … a difference your customers will appreciate with every bite. And the Anaheim pepper is just the start. We surround it with a high quality blend of cheeses and a fluffy egg batter. All you have to do is heat, dress and serve! Chile Rellenos make a great vegetarian item. Or you can use one of your own meat sauces to add protein and your own signature to this dish. You can serve our Chile Rellenos confidently, because we make them in our modern facilities with the highest safety standards.

Compatible cooking methods: Microwave, ovens, pan fry. SOPs & Preparation Instructions